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USC Notes QuantaMaster™ 4 From Photon Technology International (PTI)
As Core Asset For Scientific Community

(Birmingham, NJ) – August 3, 2009

The University of Southern California recently purchased the QuantaMaster™ 4 from Photon Technology International (PTI) as part of its Nanobiophysics Core Facility.

Nickolas Chelyapov, Ph.D. and Manager of the Nanobiophysics Core Facility noted,

The instrument appeared to be in the highest demand of all other pieces of equipment offered by the Core. Scientists from a wide variety of scientific divisions, such as Dental School, Pathology, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics are using the instrument on regular basis.

The research spans measurements of quantum dots, all kinds of nanoparticles, protein-protein, protein-small molecule, protein-DNA interactions, liposome formations and interactions, etc. One of the major reasons allowing such diverse applications on a single instrument is its unique modular design.

Spectrofluorometer QM-4 is a very robust and reliable piece of equipment. Being used by many people from different labs, it showed no fatigue and needed a minor repair of a power supply. Just one situation in 30 months of intense exploitation!

Results obtained using the instrument are part of several scientific publications.”

The QuantaMaster™ series is one of four product lines from PTI. The other product lines are TimeMaster™ for fluorescence lifetimes, RatioMaster™ for ionic detection and ImageMaster™ for fluorescence imaging. For more information about PTI fluorescence solutions, log onto or call 609-894-4420.

Photon Technology International (PTI) is a 25-year-old fluorescence technology company that designs, manufactures and markets proprietary electro-optical instruments. PTI products are used in leading laboratories around the world for research, health care, industrial process, quality control, environmental science and other applications. PTI distinguishes itself from other companies in the photonics industry by devoting its resources exclusively to the technology of fluorescence instrumentation and by providing exceptional technical and application-specific support. With production facilities in the United States and Canada, sales and service centers in North America, the United Kingdom and Germany, and distributors worldwide, PTI has been recognized for innovative technological achievement, outstanding business growth and has sustained its reputation as an industry leader.

For more information, please contact:

Lauren Pinson
Photon Technology International



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