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Service is our top priority

We value and appreciate your business here at Photon Technology International; therefore we would like to know when was the last time you had your PTI instrument serviced? Why wait until there is a problem? Regular maintenance on your system can prevent costly and frustrating downtime. With a little care, your PTI instrument will last for decades to come.

System Renewal Package

NewPTI  System Renewal PackageA PTI System Renewal Package can get your old system running like new with a modern computer workstation, the latest in interface electronics, and the most powerful, easy-to-use PTI software to date. Additionally, renewing your system enables new features such as increased acquisition speeds and new exciting options including lightning-fast single-shot phosphorescence decay measurements, TCSPC and many more

For more information, download our flyer or contact a member of our service team.

Preventative Maintenance Contract

We also would like to take this opportunity to remind you about our Preventative Maintenance Contract (PMC). The Preventative Maintenance Contract is a one-year renewable contract designed for the calibration and upkeep of your instrument. This is an important key to maintaining your PTI system to factory standards year after year.

PMC Includes

  • Two on-site maintenance visits within the contract period
  • One new 75 or 150 Watt Xenon Arc Lamp per visit, or Illuminator cleaning by a trained technician
  • Re-calibration and thorough evaluation of the instrument by a trained PTI technician

For more information on our PMC and PTI Warranty download the brochure.

To get a quotation, contact PTI Service toll free at 1-877-784-4349 or
You may also contact any one of our trained service personal listed on the right.
Be sure to have the serial number of your system available.



Need EasyRatioPro Software Support?

Service Team

Jon Cooke
Service Manager

Phone: 1-877-546-7422

Brenda Hopper
Service Coordinator

Phone: 1-877-784-4349


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