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Software Tutorials  
PTI Software
PTI Software

Software Tutorials

PTI Software TutorialsEach tutorial is a flash movie with audio, so make sure you have your volume turned up.

Click here to get a feel for our FeliX32™ Spectroscopy Software. Simply click on any of the file menu buttons to begin.



Fluorescence Imaging System Software


Hardware Setup

First Experiment

Playback Ratio

Export Data

Ratio Calibration

Color Compositing

Background Subtraction

Creating Templates

Measuring area changes in EasyRatioPro

ROI Editor

Setting up USB interface and instaCal

Zoom and Pan Tools

Authoring AVI Movies

Dynamic Background Subtraction

Export to MetaFluor

MetaFluor Import

Setting up the PCO.EDGE Camera

Adjustment Mapping

Fader Mapping and Adjustments

Offline Analysis Method

Export Color Images from ImageJ

DeltaRAM setup in Micromanager



Fluorescence Lifetime System Software




Felix GX Software Tutorials

Felix GX Hardware Config Settings

Calibrating Monochromators

Emission Scan of BSA

Excitation Scan of BSA

Excitation Ratio of BSA


Synchronous Scan

Timebase BSA Fluorescence

Temperature Ramp

Reverse Temperature Ramp

Graph Navigation Techniques

Emission Scan Temperature Increment

Polarization and Anisotropy in Felix GX using QuantaMaster™ T format systems



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