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User Manuals  

User Manuals

PTI User ManualsThis section contains user manuals for some of PTI's fluorescence instruments. If you can not find the manual for your system please contact your local sales representative.


Model 610/612/614 Photomultiplier Detection Systems

Model 710/712/714 Photomultiplier Detection System

Model 810/814 Photomultiplier Detection Systems

Model 914 Photomultiplier Detection System (270 KB PDF)

Model 920C Cooled PMT Housing (281 KB PDF)

Model IC-100A ICCD Camera

Model IC-110, 200, 300 & 300B Intensified CCD Cameras

Model A-500 Lamp Housing

Model A-1010B Lamp Housing (929 KB PDF)

Model GL-3300 Nitrogen Laser (616 KB PDF)

Model GL-302 Dye Laser

High Resolution Dye Laser (410 KB PDF)

Model GL-303 Frequency Doubler

Frequency Doubler (204 KB PDF)

Model 101/102 Monochromator Operation Manual

Model LPS-250B Lamp Power Supply (123 KB PDF)

Model LPS-220B Lamp Power Supply (616 KB PDF)

Model LPS-100 Lamp Power Supply (306 KB PDF)

Model SID-101 Monochromator Controller

Muscle Strip Measurement Accessory

Model OC-4000 Optical Chopper

UD-5011 Stepper Motor Driver



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