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QuantaMaster™ 400
Steady State Spectrofluorometer

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The Legend in Fluorescence Measurements Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

PTI is pleased to introduce the new QuantaMaster™ 400 Research Fluorometer

  • 100% Improvement in Sensitivity
  • 100 Times Improvement in Stray Light Rejection
  • 10 Times Improvement in Spectral Resolution
  • Greater Automation
PTI QuantaMaster UV VIS System for Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Photon Technology International (PTI) is the world’s leading company solely focused on developing fluorescence research instrumentation. PTI has been in business for 30 years now with global operations and everyone at PTI is focused solely on providing the best luminescence instrumentation, software and support in the industry.

For 20 years now the QuantaMaster™ steady state fluorometer has earned the reputation as the premier research fluorometer commercially available. This year there are many new exciting developments at PTI and with our newest QuantaMaster™ systems there really is no reason to consider any other alternative fluorometer. PTI recently introduced the new QuantaMaster™ QM-300/400/500/600 series to replace the previous models QM-30/40/50/60, and they look incredible.

The QuantaMaster™ 400 UV/VIS spectrofluorometer is PTI's flagship steady state (intensity based) research fluorometer, and is designed for the user who needs the best sensitivity, performance and versatility available.

The New QuantaMaster™ 400 Benefits

  • 100% more sensitive: making it the undisputed industry leader in sensitivity
  • 10,000 times better stray light rejection: for vastly improved scattering sample studies
  • 10 times improvement in spectral resolution: for advanced fine structure analysis
  • Automated triple grating monochromator turrets: for extended wavelength coverage
  • Automated flipping mirrors: for optional light source and detector configurations

QuantaMaster™ 400 Buyer's Guide


Sensitivity in a fluorometer determines the ultimate detection limit. Sensitivity defines: how small a quantity can be detected, how long the measurement will take and how accurate the measurement will be. The ability to measure minute amounts of a substance can also save money, particularly in situations where expensive reagents or precious biological materials are used.

PTI Exclusive

Attomolar detection limit

While many companies use signal to noise as measurement for sensitivity, by playing with the numbers one get any signal to noise that one wants. The proof for sensitivity is in the actual measurement of a real sample. PTI's QuantaMaster™ 400 spectrofluorometer system is the only one that can measure 400 attomolar of fluorescein solution in 0.1 M NaOH. This translates into a real signal to noise of 20000:1 number.

PTI 400 Attomolar Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the QuantaMaster™ 400 fluorescence spectrometer was assessed by testing fluorescein solution in 0.1 M NaOH.  Equipped with sensitivity enhanced optics, the fluorescein spectrum is clearly detectable in the attomolar range under the experimental conditions.

World’s Highest Guaranteed Sensitivity Specification


PTI Exclusive

Outstanding Resolution

The New QuantaMaster™ 400 also features superior spectral resolution, for ultimate resolution of closely spaced fine structure.

Emission spectral scan of Hg line doublet, with single emission monochromator, demonstrates the superior spectral resolution of the new QuantaMaster™ 400.

PTI Exclusive


It isn’t how much energy that you put into the light source that is important, but rather how much light is delivered that is useful in analyzing the sample. Less power in, more power out, more efficient use of energy, and a sealed housing with no ozone pollution, makes the PTI QuantaMaster™ the first and only Eco-friendly spectrofluorometer system. If you are not convinced, we can even deliver a 1,000 W system but the standard ones we use are more than sufficient.

PTI Exclusive


The QuantaMaster™ 400's open architecture design allows for many options, which can be added at any time as your need them or as your budget can afford. Partial lists of what you can add are: choices in light sources, single or dual emission, fluorescence or phosphorescence lifetime capability, coupling to a microscope. At your request we are constantly working to bring you more options, continually expanding the versatility of the QuantaMaster™ Spectrofluorometer series.

PTI Exclusive


Unfortunately we cannot demonstrate the benefits of support until you have purchased the instrument. You can however talk to thousands of our users, some of whom have bought instruments from us more than 20 years ago—and they are still working.


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