We are the Go-To Solar Panel Installers in the State.

Solar Installer Ninja was founded in 2009 by advocates for a cleaner, greener planet. For thirteen (13) years, we’ve helped homes and businesses switch to solar power and have independence for their energy needs.

We are a statewide industry leader in renewable solar energy and other green products. We house passionate, skilled, and experienced teams to install solar panels, photovoltaic (PV) systems, solar water systems, and solar accessories and components. 

In other words, Solar Installer Ninja is the only partner you need to have clean backup power for outage immunity, energy independence, and peace of mind.

We are patrons of high-quality, American-made solar products.

Solar Installer Ninja doesn’t look further than our domestically manufactured products to ensure quality, efficiency, and sustainability in every installation project we complete! All equipment, product, and accessories we use are made using the highest level of labor and environmental standards. 

By doing this, we show support and give valuable contributions to our economy’s health and the vibrant ecosystem of the renewable energy industry. This give-and-take helps the state foster high-paying jobs and gift its people with energy independence.


Make our state cleaner and greener.

We lessen our state’s carbon footprint one household at a time with our quality solar products and installation services. Through Solar Installer Ninja, our state has dramatically reduced our need to burn coal to power our homes. Burning coal emits tons of carbon dioxide into the air, suffocating us and our planet. 

We do what we preach. We at Solar Installer Ninja utilize clean energy to illuminate our offices and facilities using energy-saving fluorescent lights, savings 2,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity every month. Also, we help our suppliers lessen fuel usage and emissions by scheduling shipments in bulk.

Learn more and join the mission!

Solar Installer Ninja is also dedicated to educating people about green energy. Head to our Blog page to learn about solar power and renewable energy!

Also, don’t forget to check our Careers page if you want to be part of the mission to create a greener planet for future generations!

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