Solar EV Charger

The invention of Electric Vehicles is a major leap forward in preventing the worsening of air pollution and global warming. After all, vehicles and automobiles are some of the largest consumers of gas and diesel. 

However, the frustrating thing is the chargers used to power EVs run on gas. Good thing the Solar EV Charger was introduced! Now, your vehicle can be completely powered by the sun!

Finally, your solar panels can also send your EV running. An EV can save you hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars every year on gasoline (which is getting more expensive).

Plus, you won’t need to stop at a gas station anymore! Everything you need to power your vehicle can be in your home! 

With a solar EV charger, you’ll be fulfilling your responsibility to take care of the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Compared to using gasoline, a solar system barely emits carbon dioxide into the air. 

Solar Installer Ninja offers a variety of Electrical Vehicle chargers that uses the latest technology. They work 9x faster than the traditional chargers, saving you more time.

Our EV chargers are also very convenient to use. They can be controlled using Wi-Fi, so you can monitor the charging status of your vehicle using an app on your phone or with the help of Alexa, Google Home, and Amazon.

On top of all this, EV chargers are credible for the tax credit, so buying and installing them can help you save a lot of money.