How Can Solar Panels Benefit Our Environment?

All the money we can save from having our solar system is already a sweet deal. But what’s better is what solar panels can do for our environment and the generations that will come after us.

 Solar energy and other sources of renewable power help us reduce our carbon footprint, which can stop global warming from worsening.

Besides that, solar panels have other environmental benefits.

Reduction of carbon emissions

Coal and natural gas are the most common sources of non-renewable, “dirty” energy. Coal emits up to 1,250 grams of C02 for every kilowatt-hour of energy it generates, while natural gas emits up to 5? 75 grams of C02 for the same energy output.

On the other hand, solar or PV systems only emit up to 73 grams of C02 per kilowatt-hour of electricity it converts. 

See the massive difference?

Solar energy is sustainable

The sunlight, wind, and water doesn’t run out. That’s why the energy they produce is called renewable. And the fact that we can harness their energy and convert it to electricity over and over again without depletion means they can supply us with power forever. That’s sustainability right there!

On the other hand, coal and natural gas run out. If we rely too much on them and they run out, we’ll lose electricity, not to mention breathable air and a livable planet.