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Solar Installer Ninja delivers the quickest, most efficient professional solar installation services in the state! We house skilled and experienced team members who strictly adhere to our safety protocols in the field. We utilize only the most durable and highest quality materials made in the US.

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We pride ourselves on the commitment we have to delivering the best solar installation services in the state. At the same time, we are deeply humbled by the kind words from our valued customers:


The assessment they did for free was comprehensive. They laid out the options for me very clearly. They’re easy to work with from start to finish. No hassle, no delays. Mark, their engineer, was very professional, and it was clear he knew his stuff. The solar system design he made was perfect for my roof, and it was unbelievable how his explanation of the work they did was very easy to grasp. I highly recommend Solar Installer Ninja!

William T. 

First of all, all the resources they have on their website are very informative. When I started talking with them about having my solar panels installed, I could understand their language. They’re friendly and professional, in person and on the phone. My project was finished quickly considering all the permits that needed to be approved which they took care of flawlessly! Thank you, guys, for my new solar system!” 

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