Solar Panel Battery Backup

Many of us think that having solar panels means you don’t have to rely on the energy grid anymore. But the truth is, that solar panels are not immune to outages. Without power from the grid, your solar system won’t work.

That’s where solar batteries come in. You see, your solar system can generate more power than you need, and excess will go back to the energy grid.

But if you have a solar battery, the excess power your solar system generates will go there instead. And you can use this stored power during outages, making you more independent from the grid.

A solar system with a solar battery is called a hybrid solar system.

We install solar batteries

Solar Installer Ninja serves the whole package. We install everything you need to be fully independent of the energy grid, so your home can be entirely powered by solar energy. 

If you already have an existing system to complete a hybrid PV system, we can find the required components and inverter to install your very own solar battery.

Currently, solar batteries are added to solar systems that use a centralized inverter. But if what you have are microinverters attached to every individual solar panel, we can discuss some other options with you.

However, if you don’t have a solar system installed for your business or your house yet, you’re in luck! We install solar panels along with a solar battery backup storage. This is the most cost-effective way of obtaining a hybrid.

We install solar batteries and hybrid solar systems in North and South Carolina, Northern and Southern Virginia, and Maryland (Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, and Frederick).

Benefits of a Hybrid Solar System

You can think of your solar battery as a generator, but way better! First of all, it runs on clean, solar energy. Second of all, it doesn’t make any noise. 

Also, it goes into action automatically. Once the energy grid goes down, your solar battery will take over and power your home and appliances with their stored solar energy. No interruptions, no delays.