Solar Attic Fans

Solar attics are essential in maintaining the integrity of solar panels. They allow for better airflow to prevent heat from getting trapped during the summer or prevent condensation during the winter. Also, when moisture collects, it can compromise the integrity of the wood and become a safety hazard for your family. 

One of the ways to prevent these unfortunate situations is to have a well-designed attic that allows for good ventilation. However, if your attic is not well-designed, you’re going to need solar attic fans.

We Install Solar Attic Fans

Solar Power Attic Ventilator (PAV) is a ventilation unit powered by the sun. It works by moving hot, cold, and moist air in and out of your attic to prevent heat, condensation, and moisture build-up.

There are other attic fans available on the market, but experts agree that those that are solar-powered are much quieter.

Solar Installer Ninja offers the best quality solar attic fans made in the US. These domestically produced fans are incredibly durable and reliable, and we’d be glad to install one of them in your home. 

Our solar attic fan installation service includes flashing, which ensures that your roof structure retains its integrity. Solar attic fans are self-contained and self-sustained, so they don’t need any maintenance work.  

The Best Solar Attic Fan Installation in the Entire Region

We provide solar attic fan installation services in North and South Carolina, Northern and Southern Virginia, and Maryland (Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, and Frederick).

We only install the best solar attic fans manufactured in the US, which are durable, reliable, and self-contained. They’re the perfect way to ventilate and protect the old, historic homes of the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Here’s why solar attic fans are incredible:

  • Super quiet, like a whisper. They don’t make a single sound when starting up.
  • Super safe. Solar attic fans ventilating action stays within the attic. They don’t use combustion gases from your appliances.
  • Less expensive. Solar attic fans run using free, solar energy from your solar panels.
  • Reliable. A solar attic fan can work during outages. Plus, it works so well it doesn’t need maintenance.

How to Know Your Attic Needs a Solar Attic Fan

If you experienced any of the situations below, you could use a good solar attic ventilator:

  • Your attic is hot
  • Your attic is stuffy
  • Your upper floor feels warm
  • Your air conditioner runs overtime
  • Your attic is damp and has molds

Don’t let the situation get worse and more life-threatening before calling for help! Let our skilled technicians install the best solar attic fan in your home. Contact us now and feel safe and comfortable in your home again!