Service Areas

Where we work

Located in North Carolina, Solar Installer Ninja is one of the largest and most trusted solar power companies in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Since our establishment in 2009, we’ve served thousands of households and businesses in, generating 600 kilowatts of energy every year for North Carolina alone.

We are proud to have significantly contributed to the state’s effort to switch to renewable energy. North Carolina is now one of the most solar-powered states in the US, ranking right below California. So, if you’re in North Carolina, go straight to Solar Installer Ninja for your solar energy needs.

We also serve in South Carolina, Northern and Southern Virginia, and Maryland (Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, and Frederick).

What we do

Solar system installation

Having solar panels that harvest sunlight and convert it into electricity can significantly reduce your utility costs. We’d be happy to help you gain energy independence from your utility company.

Solar battery backup installation

Solar panels don’t work during outages. You can only achieve true energy independence if you can store excess solar energy for later use (such as during outages or rainy days). That’s where battery backup storage comes in!

Solar attic fans

Maintaining your solar system requires maintaining its overall structure. Attic fans take care of that by ensuring sufficient airflow and reducing moisture

Solar panel inverters

Central inverters are out the window. We install Enphase Microinverters that utilize microelectronics attached to the solar panels. This allows the panels to work independently and more efficiently.

Power-Saver 1200

This device stores the electricity lost by household appliances. You can use this stored power whenever you need to.