Solar Panel Installation

Ready to switch to clean and sustainable energy, save money, increase the value of your property, and help better the environment? Solar energy is the way to go!

Installing residential solar panels is not as complicated as you may think. Aside from being affordable and a source of green energy, solar panels are pretty easy to install, especially if you have professional installers on your side. 

Let’s talk about the benefits of solar panels and the process of installing them. 

Solar Panel Benefits

Solar panels help you become more independent from the power grid and reduce your monthly electricity bills.  Highly efficient solar panels can give your house more power than it needs. 

The excess energy your PV system generates usually goes back to the grid. But if you have a solar battery, it automatically gets stored there, so you have the energy to use during outages.

Solar panels also emit much lesser carbon dioxide compared to burning coal and natural gas, so it’s environment-friendly.

Solar Installer Ninja’s Installation Process

We are all about solar. We believe that by focusing on one trade, we can master it and deliver the best services to our valued customers.

If you work with us for your solar panel needs, here’s what you can expect:

Free Assessment and Estimate

Before starting any project, we always start with a comprehensive assessment of your property, so we can gauge what you need. Our skilled and experienced technicians will check your property, your building’s orientation, sun exposure, etc. Then, we’ll give you an estimate of how much your solar system is going to cost and how much you can save once it’s functional. 

System Design

Next, our engineers will come up with a solar system design based on the assessment results. They will work closely with you and make sure you fully grasp how the design can make the most out of your property’s location and condition.


Once you’re happy with the design, the construction can begin, but not without the right permits. Solar panel installations are a construction project. Your local government has to inspect the property and approve the project. Don’t worry though, we’ll get the paperwork moving and approved. 


This is the part when we’ll start climbing on your roof. Our well-trained, skilled, and adherent to our safety protocols. You can expect the installation to go safely, quickly and efficiently.

After this step, you’ll get a fully functioning solar system, and be part of the green community!


Solar panels only require minimal maintenance work. Our technicians will check the solar panels during scheduled preventive maintenance check-ups to ensure they’re in tip-top shape. And that’s pretty all there is to it.

Customer Support

We cater to your every need as a solar-power household under our care. If you have any questions or concerns about your solar system and warranty, feel free to contact us. We can also help you apply for tax incentives from the state and national governments, so you can save more money on your installation project.